Is it possible to embed chatter tab in site.com communities ? I have seen an example posted here.How to achieve this.

Also Is it possible to include visualforce page tabs in site.com communities?

enter image description here


It is not possible to replicate the entire Chatter tab functionality using Site.com at this time. Site.com includes two Chatter-related widgets, the News Feed and a Group Feed.

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  • Thanks.Do you know how the chatter tab is included in that example – sfdc May 28 '14 at 22:49
  • The chatter tab in that example is using the Salesforce.com tabs: You can find that functionality when you edit a community in the Tabs and Pages section. – Mark Masterson Aug 14 '14 at 17:32

We cant embed chatter functionality using template of format -Kokua ,Koa &Napili .

Also Site.com don't support VF pages .

For using chatter functionality you need to go through Salesforce tab + VF template with minimum customization in branding.

However if we use any other template form Kokua ,Koa &Napili we can set naviagtion & topic , branding can be done but doesnt support chatter & vf pages .

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