Could not find entity [ApiAnomalyEventStore]

Employee: Component [flexipage:filterListCard] attribute [entityName]: Could not find entity [ApiAnomalyEventStore]

I am trying to install a package and the above error is received, but not much luck in figuring this one out. Not sure if I need to add to the package or make some changes in sandbox I am trying to install package in.

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    Are you the package owner or have you reached out to whoever owns the package? Mar 12, 2022 at 0:17

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From the documentation:

Special Access Rules

Accessing this object requires either the Salesforce Shield or Event Monitoring add-on subscription and the View Real-Time Event Monitoring Data user permission.

As such you need to ensure that you have had one of these add-ons activated on the target org before installing this package.

If this seems inappropriate you need to contact the managed package developer to discuss this dependency.

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