I'm using an "Action and Related Records" record-trigger flow (create) to update "MC_User_Journey" field. Based on that value I have created Entry criteria in the journey in my marketing cloud. Through flow, the field value was successfully updated and the criteria meet my journey entry criteria even though the record does not enter into the journey. But when I manually update the field value in the sales cloud it's entering into the journey as I expected. I don't know the exact reason why it's working like this. Could anyone explain me or is anyone facing this issue like me, if yes please help me to reach out to the solution.

I have attached some of my screenshots below, for reference. Thanks in advance

enter image description here IMG 1.1 - flow entry type

flow assignment image 2.png

      IMG 1.2 - Flow value assignment 

update record flow 3.png

         IMG 1.3 - Record Update

confirmation update flow 4.png

         IMG 1.4 - Confirmation value in salesforce record Details page

marketing cloud journey entry flow 5.png

    IMG 1.5 - Marketing cloud Entry criteria 

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You are running into an order of operations issue and there does not appear to control the order of of workflows that are run. The workflow that controls entry into the marketing cloud journey is running before this workflow. You need to set the workflow to 'Fast Field Updates' rather than 'Actions and Related Records'

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