When you install a package, the person who installed it gets the email from Salesforce - Your request to install package "Package Name" was successful.

I would like to replicate this, but send it to all System Admins - a)would be nice to know and b)good practice as I learn my way around Apex.

The goal:

// 1 - "Trigger" on Package install
// 2 - Use some package info (Id, Name, Prefix, Version, etc...) 
// 3 - Get list of Users with System Admin profile 
// 4 - Send SysAdmin list an email notification

3 & 4 are fine, but I can't figure out 1 & 2.

I saw this about InstalledSubscriberPackage using tooling API and some Salesforce documentation like Package Metadata API.
Any thoughts or documentation that will point me in the right direction? While the different API stuff is a little above my current skill set, the concept seems do-able, just haven't been able to connect the dots.

Thanks for any help/advice!



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