I am trying to create a map hierarchy visual aura component using D3 library and d3 tree and d3.hierachy methods. The original code had circles in place for the nodes, but I want to append a div so that I can have a square box with information/fields placed within the div. The problem is that I cant seem to get any formatting to show up on the aura component. Maybe it has to do with the strict rules on interacting with the DOM in salesforce, however I am not sure because I'm still fairly new to development in general.

Here is a pic of the component:



enter image description here

Relevant Js enter image description here

The commented code is of course the circle that was previously there and that I am trying to replace with a div having a border. Can I even do this within salesforce?

Component cmp

enter image description here

Helper js

drawOrgChart : function(component, event, helper) {

  var treeData ={
                  "name": "Durango Holding",
                  "children": [
                      { "name": "Durango Trucking"},
                      { "name": "Durango Leasing" },
                      { "name": "VW",
                        "children" : [
                            { "name" : "Golf"},
                            { "name" : "Beetle"}
                      { "name": "Hyundai"},
 //setting the dimensions and margins of the diagram
 var margin = {top: 40, right:30, bottom:50, left:30};
 var width = 1260 - margin.left - margin.right;
 var height = 600 - margin.top - margin.bottom;
 //Declare a tree Layout and assign its size
 var treemap = d3.tree()
             .size([width, height]);
 //Assigns the data to hierarchy using parent-child relationships
 var nodes = d3.hierarchy(treeData, function(d){
                    return d.children;
 /*NOTE: This assigns a range of properties to each node including (node.data, node.depth, node.height, node.parent, node.children)
 We are telling the function to use the "children" element from treeData to generate property of the nodes. */
 //Map the node data to tree Layout
 nodes = treemap(nodes);
 //Append the Map(SVG) to the body of the Lightning Component
 var svg = d3.select("body")   
            .attr("width", width + margin.left + margin.right)
            .attr("height", height + margin.top + margin.bottom)
            .attr("transform", "translate(" + margin.left + "," + margin.top + ")");
 //Add All Links between nodes
 var link = svg.selectAll(".link")
           .data(nodes.descendants().slice(1)) //We are not including the main 'root' node as since its drawn from child to parent.
           .attr("class", "link")
           .attr("fill", "none") //Including all the styles directly here as the Style configured is not applied to lighting component.
           .attr("stroke", "#ccc")
           .attr("stroke-width", "2px")
               .attr("d", function(d){  //Here Attribute 'd' is used to describe the curve. Using Bezier Curve
                return "M" + d.x + "," + d.y
                    + "L" + d.x + "," + (d.y + d.parent.y) / 2
                    + " " + d.parent.x + "," + (d.y + d.parent.y) / 2
                    + " " + d.parent.x + "," + d.parent.y
 //Add Each Node as a Group - Ie, setting up a group
 var node = svg.selectAll(".node")
                        .attr("class", "node node--leaf")
                    .attr("transform", function(d){
                            return "translate(" + d.x + "," + d.y + ")";
 //Add a circle to the node
     .attr("r", 15)
     .attr("fill", "#fff")
     .attr("stroke", "steelblue")
     .attr("stroke-width", "3px");

    .style("border","2px solid black");;

    .attr("height", 100)
    .attr("width", 225)
    .attr("fill", "none")
    .attr("stroke", "black")
    .style("stroke-width", 2)
    .attr("rx", 3);

    .attr("class", "box");

 //Add Text to the node
     .attr("dy", ".35em")
     .attr("y", function(d){ return d.children ? -20 : 20;})
     .style("text-anchor", "middle")
     .text(function(d) {return d.data.name; });


error: enter image description here

code updated:

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Your problem is here:

var svg = d3.select("body")   

You can't use document.body and apply styles to it, because it is protected by Locker Service, and you are reaching outside your component's container.

You need to provide a valid element within your own component:

  <div aura:id="container">

And then hand that element to d3:

var svg = d3.select(component.find("container"))

You can also use a lightning:container, described in this answer.

  • ok I updated code but am getting an undefined error. Did I update it wrong?
    – Benton
    Mar 8, 2022 at 19:31
  • The updated code and error are in the og post also. At bottom. Thanks @sfdcfox
    – Benton
    Mar 8, 2022 at 19:38

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