I am trying to list all the files which are present inside a folder for the dashboard metadata type.

for example:- I want to see what are the files which are inside the Service_Dashboards folder of Dashboards folder using listmetadata() call.

enter image description here

This is what I tried...

  1. First I did a normal list call to find what are all files and folders present inside the dashboards directory. enter image description here.

This gave the correct result regarding the files and folder present in the dashboard folder.

  1. Now, the second task is to traverse in a folder called Service_Dashboards and list all the files present into that. here is the list call what I tried enter image description here Irrespective of giving details about the files present inside the folder, it is giving the result the same as in step 1.

Any lead, where I am doing wrong?


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Change the type to Dashboard instead of DashboardFolder.

Basically for all foldered metadata (Dashboards, Reports, EmailTemplates and Documents), you first need to list folders (which you did in step1) and then list individual components within a folder.

Ref: listMetadata

  • Thanks @metasync... This is working Mar 9, 2022 at 6:52

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