I am a salesforce developer but new to admin. Tring to understand security settings using role hierarchy and having an issue or confusion here. I'll try to explain this below.

I have two roles in the role hierarchy assigned to two users.

Ideally, the records of user down in the hierarchy should be accessed by the upper role assigned user but I am not able to see those records in the upper role user.

The OWD is set to private and the object on which I am checking is contact object so by default Grant Access Using Hierarchies is on. I am not getting the issue here. Please tell me where I am wrong or missing something.

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In salesforce, the contacts with no accounts can't be accessed to other than owner and system administrator. Here no heirarchy roles or sharing rules work.

It was salesforce default functionality.

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    I've downvoted this answer because I think it completely misses the mark. There is no indication in the question about Contacts. While Contacts could be involved, this strikes me as an issue about roles/sharing in general.
    – Derek F
    Nov 22, 2022 at 14:43

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