I'm working with a client to re-implement Field Audit after the previous consultant failed. They added Custom Retention Policies to several object that aren't needed, and the client wants to return to the default policy for most of them.

I'm looking to remove the historyRetentionPolicy from all of the ones that should be on the default, but removing the node from the object xml, and deploying the change via sfdx doesn't work. The node shows back up the next time we retrieve the field definition.

We want only the objects that actually have a custom retention policy assigned to have the historyRetentionPolicy node, so we can quickly tell which ones actually have a custom policy, but can't find a way to actually revert back to the default. The only option I can see is to load the default value in, but this will make it appear that these objects have a custom policy when in fact they don't.

Is there a way to remove the historyRetentionPolicy Node from an object, after it has been added?


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