I want to create a triggered send definition using SFMC SSJS. This should be possible using either the TriggeredSend Platform object's Add method or via WSProxy. However, I can not get either to work.

NOTE: I am NOT trying to SEND a triggered send using a triggered send definition that has already been created. Rather, I want to CREATE the triggered send definition itself.

Using Platform Object (as described in SFMC Documentation)

var newTSD = {
   "Name" : "zzTSDDMPTemp",
   "CustomerKey" : "zzTSDDMPTemp",
   "FromName" : "Test From Name",
   "FromAddress" : "[email protected]",
   "EmailID" : 1449164,
   "SendClassificationID" : "Default Transactional"
var tsd = TriggeredSend.Add(newTSD);

Response is: "Error adding TSD."

Using WSProxy (following SOAP Example described here)

var newTSD2 = {
    Name: "zzTSDDMPTemp",
    SendClassification:{CustomerKey:"Default Transactional"},

var prox = new Script.Util.WSProxy();
var resp = prox.createItem("TriggeredSendDefinition", newTSD2);

Response is: Exception occurred during [CreateTriggeredSendDefinition] ErrorID: 1488072974

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Don't trust the official documentation, trust my documentation instead:


In a nutshell, you need to pass a valid SenderProfile and your Data Extension needs to be created with the Triggered Send Data Extension Template.

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