Other than the official documentation and related SFSE questions indicate the Error reporting of Second Generation Managed Packages (2GP) seems to behave differently that with 1GP.

I want to make this tool work with 2GP Managed Packages: https://github.com/rsoesemann/lma-app-cockpit but couldn't get a 2GP Managed Package that was created using the errornotificationusername parameter to send notification emails on Unhandled Apex Errors.

Is this supposed to work or did I discover a bug?

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    Is there a question in here somewhere, or just info sharing? Did you raise a support case with Salesforce?
    – Phil W
    Mar 1 at 16:46
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    You are right. Added a question if this is a bug or supposed to work. I will also create a support case and put the Id here later. Mar 1 at 17:12

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Apex Error Email for Unlocked Packages were introduced in Winter 21


Hence they should be supported. The CLI docs and release notes mention that an active devhub user must be designated but don't mention if all devhub orgs support these emails.

  • Exactelly that is the documentation I also mention in my question. Should work for Unlocked and Managed 2GP. Mar 3 at 9:40

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