I have have a list of formats of a file I need to download via API from a 3rd party service.

List<String> FileFormatList = new List<String>{a1s,
// FileFormatList.size() = 178

I want to do something like:

ThirdPartyConnection ApiCon = new ThirdPartyConnection('credentials');
Id ParentId;
for(String FileFormat :FileFormatList){
        String FileCsvString = ApiCon.getFile(FileFormat);
        Attachment FileAttachment = new Attachment(Name=FileFormat+'.csv',
        insert FileAttachment;
    } catch(Exception Whoops){
        System.debug('ERROR @ '+FileFormat+'; Exception: '+Whoops);

The issue is that each instance of the for loop really needs its own Execution Context. Can this be done with Batch code / implementing Database.batachable?

PS: I am writing this Q&A-style and will be posting an example


I think this post will get you there - it explains how you can invoke a batch with a scope of 1 with a iterator (in your case a List) - so using this approach, you can pass each string from the list into its own batch execution

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