I've been looking for opening iOS Salesforce1 app with UrlScheme.

I found these links : link1 link2 but they didn't work for me.

I have a links for my VisualForce page (link down below) Is there any way to open VisualForce page on Salesforce1 iOS app (or any similar approach to this problem ).


Thanks in advance. Have a good day

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Salesforce1 makes a few assumptions about where your custom Visualforce pages can be surfaced, and does not support the ability to link to a page via the /apex/MyPage syntax. The places where Visualforce can be surfaced include:

  • The Navigation menu, via a Visualforce tab
  • The publisher, via a custom action
  • Mobile cards on a record’s related information page
  • Overridden standard buttons, or custom buttons and links
  • Embedded in record detail page layouts

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