There is any way to generate Access Token Without Using Username and Password not even login on web form also ? Just Using Client Id ,Client Secret or other rather than including password Using REST API.

I also tried OAuth Web Server API flow and OAuth User Agent API flow can issue a refresh and access token but the user has to go through an Browser to login and authorize the App. So you agree with me it's not so much user-friendly for a Customer. So, there is any way to remove this login and Authorization part.

It is mandatory to use Username and Password to get Access or Refresh Token using REST API ?

There is one more question it is possible to get access token any time using Refresh token ?

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Yes, there is such a possibility.

What I understood so far, is that your needs are some server-server integration without additional interaction of the user.

OAuth 2.0 JWT Bearer Flow for Server-to-Server Integration is perfectly designed to your needs.

Sometimes you want to authorize servers to access data without interactively logging in each time the servers exchange information. For these cases, you can use the OAuth 2.0 JSON Web Token (JWT) bearer flow. This flow uses a certificate to sign the JWT request and doesn’t require explicit user interaction. However, this flow does require prior approval of the client app.

In this flow generated private key and certificate is used as a security element instead of a password.

Make sure, that you'll be able securely to store your private key.

For other flows, in settings for the connected app, you can set a period, when the refresh token is expired, or never expires. JWT Bearer Flow never issues a refresh token.

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