How can I modify the size of an Icon in lightning-helptext?

My code:

<lightning-helptext content={errorLabel} 
icon-variant="error" class="slds-p-right_small" 
icon-name="utility:warning" size="large" if:true={test}>

I tried either size="large" property and aplying custom CSS on class property, and I cannot resize the icon.

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You can't, this component does not have any property (or at least documented) that allows you to do this.

Instead, use the blueprints to create your own help text and icon

  • Thank you! I'll do it.
    – CPS
    Feb 17, 2022 at 8:28

Try to use css hooks:
:host {
--lwc-squareIconMediumContentAlt: 1.25rem;
--lwc-squareIconMediumContentAlt: 1.25rem;

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