I'm having an issue with existing account matching during the Lead conversion process. In this example, I am using the Standard Lead Duplicate Rule; with a custom account matching rule with the following Matching Criteria:

Account: NameFUZZY: COMPANY NAMEMatchBlank = FALSE

It is not suggesting the existing accounts (image 3), but when I click on the search box it then suggests the correct accounts (image 4).

I don't understand why existing accounts are not being suggested. Has anyone else has similar issues?

Image-1: image-1.

Image-2: image-2

Image-3: image-3

Image-4: image-4

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Out of curiosity I set this up and was able to reproduce your issue. After some looking around, I found this response from the trailhead community and after trying out their suggestion, I can confirm it worked for me at least (expected accounts are proactively suggested on the conversion screen). Bold emphasis added for the important bits:

Hi, I also encountered such a problem and an answer from Carlos helped me to > deal with it - so basically it is not enough to have a Duplicate Rule on Lead > looking at Account (this only will show potential duplicates when creating / viewing Lead record). You also need to have a Duplicate Rule just on Account (comparing Accounts with Accounts) - only then the Account will be suggested in the Lead Conversion window as a potential match.

Link to thread

Also, though the above didn't specify this, it only worked when I used a custom account matching rule, not the standard one.


If anyone else is struggling with this as I was, I had to re-order some of my rules, and moving particular ones higher up in priority allowed the suggestions to appear in the lead conversion window.

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