I have field dependency defined for two picklist field

Controlling picklist: field 1 which has picklist Value 1,2 Dependent picklist: field 2 which has picklist Value 3,4

Field dependency 1->3 and 2->4

When updating controlling picklist value through developer console or workbench it allows to save with invalid dependency.

Say record xyz was created with controlling field value set to 1 and Dependent picklist to 3

Updating controlling picklist value via workbench or developer console to 2 with Dependent picklist value still as 3 does not throw any error.

Is this expected behavior in salesforce, if yes do we have any documentation for the same.


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The import process/API does not consider dependencies so it is expected. I guess there is no official document supporting the same but in the Article it we have the below for data import wizard

The Data Import Wizard doesn’t consider field dependencies. You can import any value into a dependent picklist regardless of the value imported for a controlling field.

  • Thanks @Saipraveen. I read the article before but field dependency is enforced when i do insert or if dependent values are inserted or updated with invalid value. However only for controlling picklist during update process it does not work.
    – Ravi
    Commented Feb 10, 2022 at 22:16

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