I have a Custom Object called Vehicle__c which has a Master Detail Relationship with Contact.(Vehicles owned by contacts); Another Custom Object Called Maintenance_Request__c which has a Master Detail relationship with Vehicle__c. How to Access the Email field of Contact Object using an instance of Maintenance_Request__c object?

On Trying the following code I am getting the error 'Variable does not exist: Vehicle__r.Contact__r'

trigger SendMaintenanceRequestMail on Maintenance_Request__c (after insert,after update) {
 List<String> emailList = new List<String>();
   List<Maintenance_Request__c> v = new List<Maintenance_Request__c>();
    v = [select Vehicle__r.Contact__r.Email from Maintenance_Request__c ];

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This line throws that error because there is no variable named Vehicle__r.
The first element before a dot should always be a variable or a class name (for static access) or a namespace.

In order to collect Contacts email you should loop over your list:

for (Maintenance_Request__c mr : [SELECT Vehicle__r.Contact__r.Email FROM Maintenance_Request__c]) {

By the way, there is no need of create a new instance of a list then replace it with a query result. A SOQL will always return an instance (will never return null).

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