=> opens the file in new tab and not in a the same page like the Salesforce standard preview.

=> Displays only the first page of the document

  • I tried also this alternative :

     <div class="close-icon" onclick={closeFile}></div>
     <iframeclass="slds-file slds-file_card frame" src={fileURL}></iframe> 
     <div class="backdrop" onclick={closeFile}></div>

fileURL=baseURL + '/sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/renditionDownload?rendition=SVGZ&versionId='+contentversionId => Opens the file in the same page as I want BUT displays only the first page of the document

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I've done something like this and it works ok. Only limitation is I haven't found a good way to know how many pages a doc has


@api contentid; //pass in content id, or you can query for them if linked to a parent record
currentpage = 0 //all multi page docs start at 0
surl = '[your domain] + /sfc/servlet.shepherd/version/renditionDownload?versionId=';
    get itemurl() {
        if (this.contentid) {
            let surlfinal = this.surl + this.contentid;
            surlfinal += '&page=' + this.currentpage;
            if (this.selectedfile.FileType === 'PDF') {
                surlfinal += '&rendition=SVGZ';
            if (this.selectedfile.FileType === 'JPG') {
                surlfinal += '&rendition=ORIGINAL_Jpg';
            return surlfinal;
        return '';
    previousPage() {
        if (this.currentpage >= 1) {
            this.currentpage --;

    nextPage() {
        if (this.currentpage >= 0) {
            this.currentpage ++;

Then in the HTML, you can just do this:

<img src={itemurl}/>

With buttons to navigate pages:

<lightning-button label="Next Page" onclick={nextPage}></lightning-button>
<lightning-button label="Previous Page" onclick={previousPage}></lightning-button>

You can use the public url of the file, redirecting to that using

window.location.href = https://yourSalesforce.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/1x0000008aol/a/1x0000000cAh/7mawInfxtYpz7M4mjvMDdiIgfjKi0xJtsgiffZYXbaE

will get you to page with preview and download option.

Alternatively, you could use this aura cmp inside screen flow.


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