I have created an email template in Pardot. Email template has a link/button which has dynamic URL by using Pardot Account Merge field & this merge field value is retrieved from Salesforce Account URL field type.

The HTML code of link looks like this:

<a href="{{Recipient.Account.URL_Value__c}}" style="color:#ffffff;">Click Here</a>

In above code, link works fine but link clicks are not tracked & I cannot use email click criteria in engagement studio program.

Also, when I read this Salesforce Pardot help article, I tried to add explicit "https://" as prefix to URL and updated Account field to not to have "https://" stored in it.

<a href="https://{{Recipient.Account.URL_Value__c}}" style="color:#ffffff;">Click Here</a>

However, it also did not work & link in the email was broken.

I am not sure how can I create a link/button in Pardot email which has dynamic URL value from Pardot Merge field & link is tracked in engagement studio.

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Hi it seems to work on my org when i use engagement studio. Maybe you trouble is on your value {{Recipient.Account.URL_Value__c}}.

demo template click


I had the same issue, I found if you use triple brackets it works so https://{{{Recipient.Account.URL_Value__c}}}

No idea why but works for me!

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