I'm looking for some advice regarding the setup of Omni-Channel External Routing.

While at the project I am currently on we have a Skills-Based Routing process in place we'd like to explore the External Routing process, and with that in mind created a new sandbox to test this model.

After following this document and setting up the Queues and External Routing Configurations we're able to see Cases arriving at the Queues Backlog (which also displays available agents).

enter image description here

The main issue is that: after inserting the AgentWork record related to an Agent that belongs to the Queue in question nothing changes in the assignment of the Case (the Agent does not receive any work, the Case is still on the Queues Backlog and nothing changes on the Assigned Work Tab), just a new AgentWork with the default value of Assigned is created.

So far we've tried to turn on auto-acceptance and manually delete the PSR after creating the AgentWork (the first one did nothing and the latter triggered You can't delete Queue-Based Pending Service Routing records error while trying to do so).

Would you have a clue of what might be causing this issue and the non-assignment of the work although the agent is online/AgentWork is correctly created?

Thank you in advance for the help!

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I was facing a similar issue where cases were getting assigned to the QUEUE and were visible in queue backlog, but were not getting assigned to the Agents Available. Solution I Found was that, in the Presence Statuses you need to assign the appropriate service channel to it. So in my scenario I Just needed to add 'Case Channel'(Service Channel) for the 'Available-Chat' Presence Statuses. Presence Statuses

Hope it Helps.

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