I have a report which retrieves from X Object with 2 fields called below. The first one is XObject Name and the second is a custom date field. Problem is we need to add a tally based on that custom date field which is subjected to conditions as well.

  1. If date is equals to last month, Mark it as New Applicant
  2. If date is not equal to last month, Mark it as Existing Applicant

enter image description here

Is it possible to have a conditional logic on this field on this report? I am wondering if this kind of output is possible. Many thanks!

enter image description here

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What you're looking for is called a Row-Level Formula. Row-level formulas allow you to add calculated data to your report, including the use of conditional logic. Here, you would use a Text-type Row Level Formula to show "New Applicant" or "Existing Applicant" based on your date fields.

You can then group the report by your Row-Level Formula, which will provide you with record counts and subtotals for each of the two groups.

  • David Reed you are a legend man. Thank you kind sir!
    – malacdon
    Jan 29 at 4:30

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