When you create a sender profile in Marketing Cloud, so you need to verify the email address in anyway?

I have 100 Sales Reps, and want to set each address up in Marketing Cloud as a Sender Profile, so we can send automated emails to customers and have them appear to the customer as they have come from the Sales Rep's direct email address (e.g [email protected]).

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You can use the import functionality to verify multiple email addresses in one go:

You can import From addresses from a data extension, or add up to 20 addresses with a separated-by-delimiters file. Importing addresses is helpful for accounts that use AMPscript in sender profiles to dynamically populate From addresses at send time.

enter image description here

Or, verify the whole sending domain:

Use Domain Registration to automatically verify From addresses at the account level. This action applies to an entire domain that is not part of a recommended authenticated domain via Sender Authentication Package or Private Domain.

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