Can anyone pls advise if the tailing the log option has been removed in any recent upgrade of SFDX cli. This is used to work earlier, recently I am seeing not working anymore. Thought ?

sfdx --version sfdx-cli/7.133.0 darwin-x64 node-v16.13.1

sfdx force:apex:log:tail
› Warning: force:apex:log:tail is not a sfdx command.

But the documentation says this should support.

Screen shot

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Try updating to the latest version. It may have been a bug in that particular version of the build. Unfortunately, I don't have a darwin machine to test with, but it's working on sfdx-cli/7.133.0 win32-x86 node-v14.17.0 as well as sfdx-cli/7.134.0 win32-x86 node-v14.17.0.

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