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I need to create Quick Action - generate PDF on opportunity object. i have PDF visualforce page and custom controller. If i want to add my vf page in Quick action i get error:

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As I understand it, in order for the page to be displayed in this field I need a standard controller, but I have a custom controller. How could I fix this error? Maybe I need to change my controller? Or other what can i do...

My VF Pages look like:

enter image description here

Thanks for your reply!

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If you want to use a Custom Controller and you still need to use the standard controller functions you can use a Controller Extension.

Change your Header to like this:

<apex:page standardController="Opportunity" extensions="controllerTest">

You would also need to modify your controller to handle the Opportunity. Like this:

private final Opportunity oppt;

// The extension constructor initializes the private member
// variable oppt by using the getRecord method from the standard
// controller.
public controllerTest(ApexPages.StandardController stdController) {
    this.oppt = (Opportunity)stdController.getRecord();

This gives you the best of both worlds. Allows you to use the standard controller while still being able to write custom methods if needed.

  • thats work, thank you.
    – Bogdan
    Jan 22 at 9:34

In order, to make VF page available, to select as Opportunity new action, your apex page should have property standardController="Opportunity" e.g.

<apex:page standardController="Opportunity">

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