I have an ExactTarget Landing page form that create a SF Lead when submitted. If every field is filled out(approx 20 fields) everything passes into SF with no issue. The problem is this - of the non-required fields, two of them give me this generic error upon submission if they are left blank.

Call to create the salesforceobject Lead failed! Error in the application.

Here are the two fields:

SET @Decision_Date__c = RequestParameter("Decision_Date__c"))<br />
SET @Enrollment__c = RequestParameter("Enrollment__c"))

'Decision Date' is set as a Date field in SF. 'Enrollment' is set as a Number.

I've tried using 'IsNullDefault' and setting "" as the default, but no luck so far. Any help appreciated!

**** It looks like it might be something to do with the Data type in Salesforce. If I reassign the problematic variables to TEXT fields in SF the error doesn't occur, although I don't see why this would matter if no value is passed.


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