When creating a new Lookup Relationship on a custom object, there should be 3 behaviours to choose from when the parent object record is deleted (according to documentation):

  • Clear the value of this field
  • Don’t allow deletion of the lookup record that’s part of a lookup relationship
  • Delete this record also

I only see the first two options in my org. Delete this record also seems to be missing.

Is it because cascade-delete is not enabled, or for some other reason?

There is a warning in the documentation just below the Delete this record also option regarding cascade-delete and how it is disabled by default, but it is not clear if that includes the Delete this record also option.

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The warning is immediately after the Delete this record also option description on purpose. A cascade delete occurs when a parent record is deleted, and the child records are also deleted as a result. In other words, yes, you must engage Technical Support to enable Cascade Delete, which is what enables this option.

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