I'm trying to create scratch org where the languages in Translation Workbench would be marked as 'Active' by default. For example I would like to create scratch org with Japanese activated by default. I know that first of all Translation Workbench has to be enabled and I have done that using this:

"languageSettings": {
        "enableTranslationWorkbench": true

and that works. But I cannot find a way to activate Japanese when creating scratch org. Is that even possible, or do I have to do that manually? (I have the ja.translation-meta.xml)

I want it to looks like this by default: enter image description here

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Are you able the list of supported languages upon scratch org creation? Or did you add them manually? When I create a scratch org with languageSettings on the definition file, as you mention above, I have an empty list of supported languages.

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From what I've seen, if you have a Translations Metadata file (like translations/fr.translation-meta.xml for instance), pushing it to the scratch org will create the language as active.

If the language has been deactivated previously (like in a sandbox), it won't be reactivated though, but that shouldn't be an issue for you during scratch org creation.

However there is also a Translation object that can be queried/updated to change that status via the IsActive field.

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