I am using a mobile list to send an MMS.

I have written AMPscript to do a couple of things through the link included in my MMS send: (1) Via a CloudPage, I am inserting when someone clicks on the link in my MMS into a data extension using the “InsertData” function. This is working successfully.

(2) Also in this CloudPage, I am re-directing people to a different link than the CloudPage using the Redirect function. This is working successfully.

I’d like to add a third element of AMPscript into this. I want to pull in the First Name attribute I’ve assigned when importing my mobile list and append onto the link that I’m doing the redirecting to.

In a perfect world, my link would look like this: https://mylinkgoeshere.com?utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=mms&utm_campaign=[First Name goes here and is dynamic based on the recipient].

I’m doing something extremely similar for sending an SMS, and I’m having no issues with the AMPscript when working with a data extension for SMS.

However, I cannot seem to pull the First Name attribute successfully in my AMPscript and have it populate onto the link when working with MMS and a link. Can I even pull a mobile attribute from a list to use for personalization purposes?

Here's my AMPscript...any advisory on if it's even possible pull an attribute from a mobile list via QueryParameter is appreciated.

set @ContactKey = QueryParameter('Contact Key')
set @MobileNumber = QueryParameter('Mobile Number')
set @EmailAddress = QueryParameter('Email Address')
set @FirstName = QueryParameter('First Name')
Set @URL = Concat("https://mylinkhere.com?utm_source=text_message&utm_medium=mms&utm_campaign=", @FirstName)

InsertData("Condition8Clicks", "Contact Key", @ContactKey, "Mobile Number", @MobileNumber, "Email Address", @EmailAddress)


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