I've created a public Restful web service via a Force.com Site as on this article, where on an Apex class I've exposed a HttpPost method which calls in the end the method: System.UserManagement.initSelfRegistration(), so people can self register through the public Site by providing their phone number.

But the issue is that when I try to test this via Postman it gives the error:

System.NoAccessException: Failed to get network info.

The Apex class I have declared as without sharing and on the Public Access Settings of the site I've defined for the Guest Profile the permissions:

  • API Enabled
  • Apex REST Services

but still the same error.

I've related also this question, where has happened the same error but it is in Apex test context. I did anyway as on the answer there but the error persisted

Has ANYONE encountered this issue before and how it can overcome?

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