Can anyone suggest a high-level solution for the use case of syncing Files between orgs (one-way is fine)? Preferably something that can be quickly POC'd.

For us, Plan A would be to use the Salesforce Connect Cross-Org Adapter for Files (ContentDocument/Links) (or Attachments) since we're already using it. (I've been told that Files & Attachments aren't supported with the Cross-Org Adapter, but I can't find any documentation on this to verify, e.g. here: Considerations for Salesforce Connect—Cross-Org Adapter).

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I'd suggest using MuleSoft or Heroku, if you are willing to customize heavily.

Sometimes, out of the box solutions, that Salesforce provides end up having a lot of limitations creating more roadblocks. I'd suggest to invest some time researching and comparing the features of the below options with the features and limitations of Salesforce Connect-Cross-Org Adapter.

That should make things crystal clear for you.

Here are some links you can use.

  • Mulesoft can easily achieve this but i would look further to other iPAAS and middleware solutions as well to see which one fits your needs best
    – Gilhil
    Commented Feb 10, 2023 at 8:55

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