We have a requirement where we have to show planned system outages information as a banner. The banner should be visible to users from 4 hours before planned outage time.

What would be the best way to achive this ?

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    What have you tried or where are you stuck in implementing it yourself? Feel free to edit and share any code you may have, even if it doesn't work. Jan 11 at 4:02

4 hours is a pretty short notice for an outage. How long will this outage impact users? How are you locking all of your users out in the outage?

Displaying a banner is tricky, particularly if your org is heavily customized because you then have to apply the banner across apps and sites. An easier approach is probably login flows, which allow you to display a message to users when they log in. You can have the flow run any time a user logs in and use a custom setting (for example) to determine if a user is about to fall into an outage window and display a message to them.

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