If you have this testmethod:

private class NewSysadTest {
  static void testSuccess() {
    User testUser =   new User(
        username=UserInfo.getUserId()+'.'+ (DateTime.now()+':'+Math.random()).HashCode()+
        alias = 'testExec',
        profileId = [SELECT Id FROM Profile WHERE Name = 'System Administrator'].Id,
    insert testUser;
    PermissionSetAssignment psa = new PermissionSetAssignment(
        AssigneeId = testUser.Id,
        PermissionSetId = [SELECT Id FROM PermissionSet 
                             WHERE Name = 'somePermissionSetName'][0].Id);
    insert psa;  // gack here
  • In Spring 22, you will get a GACK 25028890-5216755 (324258501) (324258501) on the insert of the PermissionSetAssignment; GACK occurs as well if wrapped in System.runAs
  • In Winter 22, it runs fine

Case filed with SFDC Support

  • 1
    Public reference can't hurt.
    – Adrian Larson
    Jan 10 at 19:52
  • 3
    dev internal folks can search with it as well to find linked work/known issues so you never know if someone will do so. Otherwise, it might help someone find this post. Speaking of which, if you need to unblock yourself - it seems setting UserPermissionsKnowledgeUser = true for the user should allow the test to pass. I could have this wrong, but It seems to be throwing an access error on a specific knowledge permission on the permissionset. Support can hopefully get more action/info on what's going on and what the best course of action is (need a patch, org permission, etc). Jan 10 at 20:19
  • 1
    I'm glad you had a MVR as I was easily able to reproduce it (and see it pass afterwards). I'm internal now (so no magical powers), but I can see a bit more behind the scenes with these types of issues. Support can get back to you on a more official response - there could be more at play happening. Jan 10 at 20:39
  • 2
    @cropredy Can you also share the Case number please. Jan 11 at 16:20
  • 2
    I see case number @cropredy logged is #41891331.Will keep an eye on the case. This issue was reported by several other customers too and we have a bug logged for it internally #W-10419259 and Inv #W-10414023. Will keep you posted on the progress
    – Swetha
    Jan 12 at 8:50

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Fixed - This will be handled by Spring '22 Patch 4.6.

Update: There is now a Known Issue - Test classes are failing with Salesforce Internal Server Error. The workaround listed is to update the versions of the classes to 54.

I work for Salesforce, not on the team related to this, so the below is only based on my analysis of what I see based on the stacktrace/gack).

For now, you can add the Knowledge permission to the User in your test to avoid hitting the error (so your builds/checks will pass).

User testUser = new User(...,
UserPermissionsKnowledgeUser = true,

Internally, the gack/stacktrace is related to not finding/existing a permission (specifically, related to Knowledge) when looking at the permissions on the PermissionSet. As that's not something under your control, I presume it shouldn't be doing this (considering it passed previously). The workaround above gets around that since the User will have access to Knowledge and thus that permission is exposed/available to be queried/checked.

Support will be able to get a concrete answer and a course of action on what will/should happen. Again, this is not official, but I would venture a guess a patch will fix this so you do not need the workaround above.

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