I'm facing a problem while using React Native. Can someone help me? Thx~.


MarketingCloud React Native SDK version: 7.4.3

Device: IPad OS 15.2/15.0


When the user registers on IPadOS 15+ device, only basic data can be uploaded, but mobile push data cannot.

I call MCReactModule.logSdkState after MCReactModule.setContactKey, and get the result.

"Last Successfully Sent Registration" : {
        "sdk_Version" : "7.4.0",
        "dST" : false,
        "subscriberKey" : "subscriberKey...",
        "location_Enabled" : false,
        "etAppId" : "app id",
        "platform_Version" : "15.2",
        "quietPushEnabled" : false,
        "tags" : [

I can only see some system field such as ContactKey, ContactId on the console. enter image description here The Data in the part of MobilePush Demographics is empty. MobilePush Demographics By the way, I'm sure it works fine on the other devices(iPad < 15 or any iPhone device).


Please update to v7.6+ as this has been addressed.

  • Thanks for your response. But I found the latest release of Marketing Cloud React Native SDK is Do you mean I need to upgrade separately the SDK versions for Android and IOS dependencies included in React Native?
    – sleep
    Jan 10 at 14:38
  • 1
    I will take this to the team. An updated iOS SDK has been released that addresses your issue. It should be baked into the React plugin. Thank you.
    – Bill Mote
    Jan 10 at 15:23
  • Thanks for you help, I will try this suggestion.
    – sleep
    Jan 11 at 1:57
  • Hello, I try to upgrade the IOS SDK version to 7.6.0(- MarketingCloudSDK (7.6.0)), but I am still facing the same problem. Do I need to try some other changes?
    – sleep
    Jan 11 at 6:35

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