I am trying to know which folder a particular Job (Send) is present in tracking.

In Send object , we have


Email definition. On Definition i have category id . I am trying to get the category id of email definition associated to sent

However i am getting error

<OverallStatus>Error: The Request Property(s) EmailSendDefinition.CategoryID do not match with the fields of Send retrieve</OverallStatus>

To know which attribute i can query i did a describe on sent objects. In response for each attribute, i get lots of metadata . for example:

                    "Name": "CategoryID",
                    "DataType": "Int32",
                    "ValueType": "xsdstring",
                    "PropertyType": "string",
                    "IsCreatable": false,
                    "IsUpdatable": true,
                    "IsRetrievable": true,
                    "IsQueryable": false,
                    "IsFilterable": false,
                    "IsPartnerProperty": false,
                    "IsAccountProperty": false,
                    "PartnerMap": null,
                    "AttributeMaps": null,
                    "Markups": null,
                    "Precision": 0,
                    "Scale": 0,
                    "Label": null,
                    "Description": null,
                    "DefaultValue": null,
                    "MinLength": 0,
                    "MaxLength": 0,
                    "MinValue": null,
                    "MaxValue": null,
                    "IsRequired": false,
                    "IsViewable": false,
                    "IsEditable": false,
                    "IsNillable": false,
                    "IsRestrictedPicklist": false,
                    "PicklistItems": null,
                    "IsSendTime": false,
                    "DisplayOrder": 0,
                    "References": null,
                    "RelationshipName": null,
                    "Status": null,
                    "IsContextSpecific": false,
                    "Client": null,
                    "PartnerKey": null,
                    "PartnerProperties": null,
                    "CreatedDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00.000",
                    "ModifiedDate": null,
                    "ID": 0,
                    "ObjectID": null,
                    "CustomerKey": null,
                    "Owner": null,
                    "CorrelationID": null,
                    "ObjectState": null,
                    "IsPlatformObject": false

Which tag on this attribute denote that a particular attribute is query able in soap api?

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You are looking for the "IsRetrievable": true part when doing Describe method. If it is "true" then you can retrieve a value for the specified property.

Unfortunately, you cannot find Jobs by "CategoryID" on the Tracking page.

What you can do:

  1. Retrieve EmailSendDefinition and its "CategoryID"
  2. Map it with Send object and retrieve aggregate data based on a JobID.

Example of EmailSendDefinitionobject retrieval with WSProxy -

<script language = "javascript" runat = "server">
Platform.Load("Core", "1");
var prox = new Script.Util.WSProxy();

try {

   var cols   = ["Name", "CategoryID"];
   var filter = {Property: "Name", SimpleOperator: "equals", Value: "xxxxxxx"};   
   var result = prox.retrieve("EmailSendDefinition", cols, filter);

} catch(e) {

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