My boss has asked that we modify all validation rules in our org. We’re creating a custom setting that will allow admins to bypass all validation rules (validation rules will not apply to admins in our org). In order to do this, I believe you have to manually add the custom setting to your validation rule. I’ve queried in Workbench and found the names of every validation rule in our org. When I go to settings>object manager I cannot see the validation rule. My boss found the same when querying Tooling API. Any ideas?

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Please note that you need to navigate to the object the rules are on, at which point you will see Validation Rules as one of your view options, along with Details, Fields & Relationships, etc.

Object Setup

Second important note, a Custom Setting is not best practice for this requirement. You should instead use a Custom Permission which you can add to any Profile or Permission Set you wish to be exempt.

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