This has been tricking me up all day and I would love some assistance. I have a flow that I need to update field1 when field2 is updated. The tricky part is I only want this to happen when field2 is a certain value before it is changed. I cannot seem to get the PriorValue and IsChanged Functions to operate properly together nor can I find an effective way to do this in flow or process builder.

  • what do you currently have? Screenshots of any criteria in your flow would be helpful to share in an edit. Jan 6 at 20:47

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Unfortunatly, Flows don't have yet available the Record__Prior value on the start element. So, for you to accomplish this you need to do this in two separate moments:

  1. START: Verify that field2 has been changed
  2. DECISION: Verify that {!$Record__Prior.field2} had the prior value that verifies the criteria

I just tested this and it's working well for me.


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