Option__c(picklist) This is picklist field which contains values (Yes/No) and default as Yes. This field(Option__c) should only be mandatory, when the field State__c(multi picklist) has selected as NY.

I have tried a Validation rule, it looks something like this,


  IF( INCLUDES( States__c , "NY"),
  1. IF(CONTAINS(TEXT(Option__c), "YES:NO") , IF( INCLUDES( States__c , "NY"), false, true), false)

Both are not working and also not allowing me to save on any conditions. Any suggestion please, Thanks in advance!!!

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    How about AND(ISPICKVAL(State__c, 'NY'), ISBLANK(Option__c))?
    – TSmith
    Jan 5 at 9:35

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Can you try this validation rule.

AND( INCLUDES( States__c ,'NY'), ISBLANK( TEXT( Option__c ) ) )
  • Yes, above rule is working. Thanks SaiPraveen and TSmith
    – Tom
    Jan 5 at 11:20

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