I need to create a custom field, say REG_NO__c(text) which allows N/A multiple times but should not allow duplicate values from ST001-ST999,

I tried to make it as unique(case insensitive), but it also find N/A as duplicate. Any validation rule works?

Any suggestion please, Thank You!!!

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We may not be able to achieve with Validation rules. You can achieve it by defining Matching rule and Duplicate rule with condition that field is not equal to NA.

enter image description here Please find the below resources for Matching rule and Duplicate rules.

Matching Rules

Duplicate Rule

  • Thanks SaiPraveen, it is working but when user enters duplicate data, it shows warning and allowing to save with duplicate data. Is there anyway to restrict that.
    – Tom
    Commented Jan 4, 2022 at 15:46

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