I am new to Salesforce and I am currently learning Lightning Web Components. I connected my Org with Salesforce with no problem. But when I try to deploy a component to my Org the output console of VS Code gives me the ID org, my username (which is correct) and the URL (which is correct too) of my instance, the problem is here the ID Org that VS Code gives me does not match with the Id that appears in the Company Information section .

With this problem I can not see the deployed components.

Can anybody please tell me how to solve this issue?

More information: I have a Developer Edition neither Enterprise Edition.

P.S The URL that VSCode gives me in the console is correct.

  • How many characters is the org ID it spits out? Just tested with mine and got confused as it seemed to be doing the same for me too until I realized that Company Information shows the 18 character ID and VS Code spits out the 15 character ID (those 15 characters should match the first 15 of the 18 character ID, starting from the left). Jan 3 at 12:49


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