Normally in Marketing cloud we have following data view

  1. _Job --> This give us the job Id ,

we use this jobid to connect sent, opens, click , bounce and unsub. I am trying to get data for an account since inception using wsproxy into a data extension .

I am using an article from Zuzanna (



This is good article , but i am not able to get the info about email subject or information which we generally have _Jobs data view inorder to provide the context of sent.

is there any way that wsproxy can be used to get _job like data for period before 6 months.


I think you're looking for the Send SOAP Object. You can retrieve and store this historical send data with WSProxy.

I've outlined that process here: https://sprignaturemoves.com/retrieving-and-storing-aggregated-send-data/

ID -> JobID

It's a good, historical data set that can be be used as a basis for many different kinds of reporting.

There's also a similar object for Triggered Sends -- TriggeredSendSummary: https://sprignaturemoves.com/retrieving-and-storing-aggregated-triggered-send-data/

  • Hi Adam , its such a coincidence, i was actually looking at the very same object , but using SOAP api as i was checking if this was ok. Thanks Jan 1 at 15:24

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