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I have access to SFMC for a client. With this clients SFMC, someone has installed 'Query Studio' app:

enter image description here

For another client, I wanted to use this app. I went to 'AppExchange' and did a search for 'Query Studio' but see no results:

enter image description here

(I also noticed that when taken to AppExchange I am no longer logged in to SFMC in this tab)

How can I install Query Explorer with the new client like I have with the initial client who has Query Explorer installed?

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    It seems that the listing in AppExchange is private (explains why it won't display on search). Can you try this appexchange.salesforce.com/… ? Dec 31 '21 at 20:21
  • Ah! Thank you very much. How did you know this?! I was unaware of private apps. By the way, it say's it's already installed, it just doesn't appear in the drop down menu under AppExchange :/
    – Doug Fir
    Dec 31 '21 at 20:58
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    Hey Doug, no worries, actually I did not know about this app, only about not listed apps. I did a Google search and some blogs pointed to this. If this is installed but not showing, it is probably a permission issue, you should be able to grant permission to the app. Dec 31 '21 at 22:31

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