We have setup one email-to-case and the cases are assigning to one queue....but we have a new requirement came up. If the same email-to-case subject has 'Electronic' then it should be assigned to different queue ...how can we do this?

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Email-to-case always runs Case Assignment rules so all you need is an assignment rule that inspects Subject using Contains operator for Electronic and assign to the new queue.

Note that a case can only have one owner at a time so it can’t be in two queues at once


If your requirement is to have a case assigned to two different queue at a same time then that is not possible.

If requirement is basis certain keywords and assigning it to some specific queue then it shall be pretty straight forward, you just need to set the owner of a case as a required queue basis the keyword availability.

  • Thanks for your response . Our business team wants these E2C to be assigned to two different queues when case is created through E2C ........ 1. subject contains 'Electronic' then assign to 'A' queue , subject with no 'Electronic' then assign to 'B' queue.
    – Jaya
    Jan 19, 2022 at 19:07

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