I have 5 field updates and an email alert happening after an opportunity record receives final approval (see image below).

Will they be executed in the specific order they are listed? If not, what is the order of execution? Any documentation is helpful.

final approval actions for standard approval process

*Setting the table further, I need the email alert to execute after all of the field updates have processed. The email alert's email template has a merge field that depends on the "Set Stage to Approved" field update.

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They will not be guaranteed to fire in the order you see listed, however this will still work out for you.

In Considerations for Field Update Actions that covers creating field updates for workflow rules or approval process:

Field updates occur before email alerts, tasks, and outbound messages.

The result of a field update is unpredictable when a single workflow rule includes multiple field updates that apply different values to the same field

As such, you should be all set to have the email alert be expected to occur after the field updates.

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