Can we change the user licence type from Chatter External to Chatter Free and profile from Chatter External User to Chatter Free User. I accidentally created Chatter External for Chatter Free and I need it to change to chatter free user.


It's not possible to change the license of a user in Salesforce. (But you are able to select a different profile, which uses the same license.)

I suggest to rename the old chatter users to user.name@company.com .old and create new users.

(Post etc. can be migrated..)

EDIT: Thanks for your comment Ugesh. You are able to deactivate these old users in order to free up and reallocate the licenses. Therefore the licenses aren't wasted. ;-)

  • But one licence is waste :(
    – Ugesh Gali
    May 21 '14 at 10:12

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