I have connected app on my scratch org which is rendering canvas app in aura component. On my connected (canvas app) im using CanvasLifecycleHandler class implementation on connected app settings.

I'm having issues with creating new version of canvas app with connected app , i tried to follow this SF Documentation page. I have 1gp managed with the same namespace as 2gp. Package have connected app only (without CanvasLifecycleHandler , just 'empty' app with client id and client secret

When im trying to create new managed package version , i'm having this error:

connected_app_name: An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 114615688-142552 (-705377091)


  • Does anyone of you have connected app with canvas on your 2gp managed package and can share some thoughts regarding having it on managed package
  • Does anyone of you expected any errors with releasing new version of managed package with canvas app inside ?
  • Do i have any alternative with having 'iframe' with my external app stored as canvas ?
  • How did you end up resolving this? I am wondering whether the 1GP's Connected Apps (we have two in our case) need to have the Canvas App Settings / Lifecycle Class field cleared on the Connected Apps in the 1GP then provide canvasConfig in the ConnectedApp metadata. Feb 1, 2023 at 23:01

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If your 1GP connected app has a Lifecycle Class specified, you will need to include that class in your 2GP package as well to avoid an error like the one you posted

  • Should the 1GP Connected App have its Lifecycle Class field cleared then would I provide that info in the canvasConfig in the ConnectedApp metadata in the 2GP? My CanvasLifecycle Class is in the 2GP and I prefer not to include it in the 1GP as I only wanted the Connected Apps there. Feb 1, 2023 at 23:03

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