Hi Stack Exchange community, right now I'm learning to code with SF but I'm stuck with a very specific problem, I was trying to add LWCC (https://salesforcelabs.github.io/LightningWebChartJS/) to use it with lightning web components, following the steps to install it. It allows to use it in a scratch org, but I'm trying to install it in the playground.

How can I do this? I already did the cloning from git, so I have the code locally, I thought at first I just had to push but no success so far.

Any help is welcome, thanks c:

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You can't push or pull from non-tracked orgs (Scratch Orgs and some Sandboxes). Instead, use force:source:deploy to deploy the metadata to your org. Be aware that a deploy will overwrite any matching configuration in the playground, so some casual caution is advised.

  • Hey thank you, the solution in the end was converting the code to metadata and then push that to the playground. Commented Dec 15, 2021 at 15:26

Converting the data to metada and then push it/deploy it to the playground solved the issue.

Video that helped me

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