I have a form on public community & when a user submits it, an application record gets created. On the creation of the application record, have a process builder which sends an email. But this email alert is not working.

Now another scenario, where I have a force.com site page there is also the same form inside vf page, which also does the same thing as creating application records on form submission & in the backend we have a process builder to send an email. But here email gets delivered successfully.

So have checked all the permissions of these two profiles & seems ok. But I noticed one diffrence that the profile for the Community guest user is of 'Guest User License' type & the profile for Force.com Guest user is of 'Guest' type. So might be this is the problem as email works for the force.com site but not for the public community site.

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Go to the site user profile and check 'Send Emails' under General User Permission settings.

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