I've configured 2 routing addresses on the Email-to-Case : "Test A" and "Test B". enter image description here

And I've assigned them to 2 differents Case recordtypes : "RT Test A" and "RT Test B" : enter image description here enter image description here

Now I've created a case record, with the record type "RT Test A". The Problem is, I can see all the email-addresses (including the one of recordtype B) on the "From" field of the Quick Action Email: enter image description here

Please how can I filter the sender emails, to only see the ones linked to the related recordtype ?

PS: I'm opened to APEX solution

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I got around this by creating an Email action on the Case object. I then defaulted the "From Address" to the email address required. The one caveat is you can't select ANY other email address - even your own. But your users just want the email sent from a distro at all times - it works.

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