Some time ago I've started to use Python with Pandas and Simple-Salesforce to make data migration to Salesforce orgs. I want to insert Account records and Contact records that have lookup to Account records. Instead of a Salesforce record ID of a related record, I want to use an external ID to associate/connect records. When I'm making this kind of insert operation for Contact records with Salesforce Inspector instead of using AccountId field I can use Account.ExternalId__c, with Data Loader it's Account:ExternalId__c.

What is a notation that should be used for simple-salesforce? When I'm using Account.ExternalId__c or Account:ExternalId__c I'm receiving this error:

simple_salesforce.exceptions.SalesforceMalformedRequest: Malformed request _https://xxx.my.salesforce.com/services/async/42.0/job/some_id/batch/some_id2/result. Response content: {'exceptionCode': 'InvalidBatch', 'exceptionMessage': 'Records not processed'}

I'm using this simple-salesforce method to insert records:

sf.bulk.Account.insert(data_json, batch_size=100, use_serial=False)

Of course when I'm trying to import related records by Data Loader or Salesforce Inspector everything is working fine, so I'm guessing that it's issue with notation in Simple-Salesforce.


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Below solution and explanation if someone will looking for this in the future.

Previous version of my data_json:

data_json = {'FirstName': 'Test 1', 
             'LastName': 'Name 1', 
             'Email': '[email protected]', 
             'AccountId': 'someAccountId'}

I had to:

  • rename 'AccountId' key to 'Account'
  • create new dictionary: extIdDict = {'ExternalId__c': 'someExternalId'}
  • add extIdDict dictionary as a value to 'Account' key: row['Account'] = extIdDict

Finally, I have data_json like this:

data_json = {'FirstName': 'Test 1', 
             'LastName': 'Name 1', 
             'Email': '[email protected]', 
             'Account': {'ExternalId__c': 'someExternalId'}}

With this kind of json I was able to use it as a parameter in insert method mentioned in my original question and successfully insert contact records linked with account records.

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