I am trying to use tooling API to do some dynamic metadata analysis and I have it a roadblock. While trying to execute a simple anonymous query using below


I am getting following error in executing this query

[{'message': "sObject type 'Quote_Trending_History__c' is not supported.", 'errorCode': 'INVALID_TYPE'}]

I am able to execute the same query from workbench soql tab but when using REST explorer or workbench it gives the same error. I have confirmed both the queries are being executed using same user so it cannot be permission issue. The user being used for this is a System Administrator.

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The Tooling API doesn't support standard record objects. It's meant to be a way to access metadata objects, such as ApexClass and CustomField, particularly in a way that you'd use it for "tooling" (meaning, an API for Integrated Development Environment, or IDE, to be used for development of features and fixing bugs).

To perform a query in the REST API, use the normal API:


If you wanted to get metadata about a custom field, for example, you might use a Tooling API query like this:


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